SlideOnline Plugin for WordPress

Recently we have published a very simple but useful plugin for WordPress that you can use to show PowerPoint presentations online (presentations hosted on By using plugin for WordPress you can easily embed presentations from into any blog or website.

This simple plugin supports two different ways to embed presentations: (a) using code.

You are welcome to send me your feedback as well as wish-to-have features. For example, something I have in mind is to enable a way to publish PDF or PowerPoint presentations directly into WordPress (upload PowerPoint -> covert PowerPoint -> embed PowerPoint).

You can download the plugin from the official WordPress directory here SlideOnline Plugin for WordPress or install it directly from WordPress.

6 thoughts on “SlideOnline Plugin for WordPress

  1. Hi there, I am looking into using your program to put a power point program on word press. I see that as of Feb 2014 you said it will not support animation as yet. Will it do it now? Thanks Brent

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