Gmail is Introducing New Compose Window

Recently Gmail introduced a new Compose window that will provide a new style to send emails through email. The new Compose window appears as a popup in your inbox, just like the chat popup or task list.

Gmail is Introducing New Compose Window

Now when you want to send multiple emails you don’t need to open a new window in your browser. You can switch back to the old compose window at any time.

Here is a simple trick if you need to copy the recipient email address: double click on the name and then the To: value will be changed to include the name and email address in the following format. You can now select the email and copy it.

compose a new email using gmail

Also the Reply section was changed. The reply is also integrated with the current email thread so you can also check other emails at the same time. Here you can see a real example:

reply gmail email

You can learn more about the new Compose window in the official Gmail blog,

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