Drag and Drop Image Upload for WordPress

Magn Drag and Drop Upload for WordPress is a simple plugin that helps you to enable drag and drop capacities in WordPress. Recently WP 3.3 introduced a new drag and drop facility into WordPress but this uploader mechanism requires you to click on an icon, wait for the popup to open and then drag your media. With Magn Drag and Drop Upload for WordPress you can just drag and drop your image files to your editor (inside the green drag and drop area) and that’s all. Of course, choosing the built-in uploader is a smart decision if you don’t want to rely to WordPress plugins to use this feature.


8 thoughts on “Drag and Drop Image Upload for WordPress

    • It should work out of the box.
      – Can you tell me what kind of error are you receiving?
      – What browser are you using? It should only work in modern web browsers.

  1. Hello, Julian I would like to ask if you can add a few things to your drag and drop plugin.

    When you drop a file, I would like it to automatically take the name of the url permalink, does this make sense?

    Also I use Thesis, so I would like it to automatically post the image url in the post image box.

    Is this possible Julian?

    • Hi Tony. Currently it takes the name of the picture filename. My original idea was to prepare it for SEO purposes. However, I will take your feedback and add this as a nice-to-have feature.

  2. This plugin is disabling my wordpress interface buttons, as when I disable it everything works fine. The icons and buttons that let you add links, change the publishing date and add a new category don’t do anything when I click on them. Everything is updated, and I have tried the buttons on multiple computers and both firefox and safari, and it still doesn’t work for me. Are you planning an update to correct this?
    Thank you

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